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I'm a musician in heart, engineer in mind, hippie in soul and space holder in training. My life journey took a big shift at my first meditation 🧘‍♂️. While working at THE Silicon Valley company (Intel). I never forget my meditation teacher's smile and her approach to just being. She seemed so light 😇 and happy. I was miserable. There I learned the impact of our thoughts, the constant chatter in our brain and the never ending cycle of needs & wants that run our desires. I never looked back. I wanted to unlock the mystery of suffering. I kept going and I will keep going forever to just master this beautiful art of Mindfulness. To be present (Prezenc 😉). And I have decided to make it my life purpose to also teach others 🙇‍♂️



Mindfully build communities, learn sustainability, be present, teach presence, serve others & love the inner child in everyone.


To build a retreat center where we teach the importance of being present through meditation & yoga practices. Where we dance barefoot on soil & pick vegetables from our garden for super.

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