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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is at the core of everything that Prezenc is about. Bringing all of the practices that we believe in, into safe & impactful gatherings. Mindfulness & Compassion are the center pieces of every one of these circles. It's our heart center. And everything else are the tools we use. Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Sharing Circle, Plant-based Diets and etc.

Our Story

The above picture is one of our favorite moments. One that shaped the future of many of our lives. A simple gathering of friends and estrangers that turned into many moments of laughter, confusion, vulnerabilities with glimpses of clarity. From this moment on, we decided to make this passion into our everyday life and spread our wings to anywhere that people wanted to open up. To open up to new experiences, new way of being and build a new generation that approaches everything with compassion & mindfulness.


Inner Circle

This was our initial retreat where we tested the ground of what has become a tradition for us. Nothing but pure love and mindful intention to create a new community. Super fun.

Beyond The Mind

3 days of soaking under the shades of a beautiful space where we learned how to be ourselves, be vulnerable, play like we were kids and listen to some amazing music. 



Our tradition of coming together and practicing mindfulness. Practice being vulnerable and through the collective heal and change.

The Team

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