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Why We Chose Keith's Cacao?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Why among the many choices of Ceremonial Cacao, we chose to work with Keith's Cacao? We tried many, talked to a few and finally arrived at a decision that sits in our heart very dearly. We couldn't be happier. Let us tell you why


Keith's Cacao, Ceremonial Cacao and the reasons behind our choice

Keith is THE Chocolate Shaman. He's the OG when it comes to Ceremonial Cacao. He first landed in Guatemala in 2003. His life journey and spirit guides led him to San Marcos on Lake Atitlan where he discovered his life purpose and passion. In his own words he had a visit from the Cacao spirit to go find out why chocolate why a deity to the ancients of that part of the world; the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs & Olmecs. At the time he started his search, the local shamans had no idea about Chocolate in a ceremonial setting. The anthropologists that lived near the lake had no reference of indigenous people that used Chocolate in a ceremonial or ritual. He searched the internet, asked around, started traveling in Central America for answers. And it became clear that this ritual had lost its lineage. The only traces of it left, was on ancient artifacts.

After having his first cup of Cacao, from the local farmers across the lake from him, a light bulb went on inside of him. This was the birth of the new Cacao Ceremony. He spent months drinking this medicine. Understanding it, working with it personally, with his clients, and then came the groups where the official new Cacao Ceremony was born.

Checkout this video where Keith talks about his journey.


Our own journey with Keith also started on the same Lake where this new era of Ceremonial Cacao was born. We met him at his house in San Marcos where he sold us a few blocks. From the moment we walked in the house, we knew something was different. The way they were living their life, the way they welcomed us, the way the workers were happy and smiling (even among all the chaos), it was all a clear message. We're at the right place.

This feeling of knowing that we had walked in on a special path was reconfirmed from the first time that we used Keith's product. It was different. More gentle but also somehow stronger. It was energetically very different. It wasn't until months later when we took courses from Keith that we understood why. So here the whys:

#1 - Quality

Keith's Cacao is %100 pure Cacao. A minimal amount of processing is done on the Cacao to make sure the highest grade quality. Because of this, all of the nutritional benefits of this medicine is preserved.

Also the farmers that they work with have the farms inside a natural rainforest where the Cacao grows naturally in its best environment. No monocropping farms. All in lands of indigenous people where they have worked on the land for generations.

The plant where the Cacao comes from is mostly of Criollo type. Which is the rarest and of the best quality Cacao beans. Only %5 of the Chocolate in the world is made of this plant type.

#2 - Ethical

Keith's Cacao is supporting +80 indigenous people's family from its production. It has had huge impact on the local community and thus is very respected among the people of that region. Keith directly works with the farmers and they are paid above the minimum wage of the area.

#3 - Intentional

Every Cacao that is sent out from the warehouse in Guatemala is blessed by Keith & his wife Barbara. This is just an incredible intention behind the work that they do. They believe in the energetic factor that goes into this medicine. Their intention is to spread the love & spirit of Cacao.

In their trainings for their practitioners, they constantly emphasis on the intention behind the work that they do and invite all their practitioners to do the same.

We couldn't be happier to find such an intentional community.

We're Officially a Practitioner of Keith's Cacao

We believe in the work and community behind this product and thus why we chose to work with them. If you like to try this beautiful product consider us your friend in this adventure. We're always here to help you with suggestions, hints & guidance on the personal and spiritual work of Cacao.

If you like to order a block for yourself, please contact us.


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